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Are you a person who is interested in learning about yourself, developing your emotional intelligence through therapy, self-help or group programs? Whatever your circumstances, it can be difficult to sustain friendships and more intimate relationships as you grow and change and you may have had to leave old friends and partners behind as you take a new direction. And yet, you’ve been brave enough to start this remarkable journey and now feel ready to find someone extraordinary to share it. But how? Online dating with Present Partners.. 


If you have an increased self-awareness of your personal challenges through therapy, self-help or other group programs then Present Partners is the place for you to find like-minded people to connect with.

Present Partners is a place for you to search for – and find, we hope – individuals who understand your desire to learn about yourself and where you’re trying to go. Everyone here is on his or her own path of self-discovery. And each one should understand that nurturing healthy and authentic relationships means not being afraid to reveal your true self for fear of judgement.


The here and now

By being open, emotionally available and present for the people you love, you give your relationships a chance to grow as you grow. To be present, you must be fully engaged in the moment – with all your senses in tune with the here and now. You’re not dreaming of the future or regretting the past. Being in the moment can lead to more authentic connection with your partner or friends. So grab that moment.


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This is a new site and new members are joining weekly but you may find when you first search there are none in your immediate area. Please help us grow the community by spreading the word. The site is currently free to join and we want your experience to be a positive one. We would like your views on what could be improved, anything driving you nuts or stuff you want more of and we will do our best to make changes where appropriate as quickly as we can.


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