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Why did I create this site?

Primarily because of my own experiences with relationships and a realisation that it was my choices that were playing the biggest part in the fact that they were ending up more draining than joyous and it was a repeating pattern. That realisation was my first step. As an intelligent, successful business woman, I seemed incapable of making good choices when it came to romantic relationships and sometimes friendships. So I sought help and embarked on an incredible self-learning journey and learned with an exceptional therapist over an 9 year period (and still learning) that my behaviours, driven by experiences as a child and and an early adult, were leading me to look for love in all the wrong places.


Understanding how important your self-esteem is when attempting to connect with others, has enabled me to approach any new relationships differently. In the past I would use anything that would help me avoid dealing with my feelings, food, chocolate, exercise. However, through my therapy, some support programs and workshops (and lots of reading) I have learned what my wants and needs are, how to ask for them and how to walk away quickly from situations and people that hinder, not aid my growth. We all have the ability to make good choices for ourselves but we need to know how.


It was my therapist who suggested that I might be ready for a relationship and that it would be really beneficial to meet someone who has also done some work on themselves and had gained some self awareness but I knew this would be difficult. Most people don’t like to talk about the fact that they have therapy or are in group meetings for fear of being judged and therefore feel very vulnerable. Hence the seed for Present Partners was planted. My vision for Present Partners is to create an online dating environment where, those who now know themselves better can continue to learn and grow and actually live their lives being true to themselves. Like minded people can connect and feel understood by those on a similar path and feel comfortable in the knowledge that they do not have to hide their struggles. You are free to be yourselves and therefore are genuine. A much better place to start building a relationship from.


The site is not yet perfect, changes will continue to be made and I would really value your feedback so we can continue to develop the site into something special. Once the site has enough members and subscriptions are being paid, a percentage of profits will be donated to MIND and YoungMinds.

My hope for each of you is that Present Partners helps making finding someone extraordinary, whether you are looking for new friends or a life partner, less challenging than it needs to be, because life can be challenging enough and we all need a little help along the way…….

Warmest wishes,

P.S If you are interested in therapy and not sure what it is all about please take a look at my website, www.presentpartnerscounselling.com. I am a qualified practitioner and a BACP member.


This is a new site and new members are joining weekly but you may find when you first search there are none in your immediate area. Please help us grow the community by spreading the word. The site is currently free to join and we want your experience to be a positive one. We would like your views on what could be improved, anything driving you nuts or stuff you want more of and we will do our best to make changes where appropriate as quickly as we can.


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