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Reasons to Join

Authentic and healthy relationships can only happen when we’re connected to ourselves – and self-connected people come to Present Partners.

Our site provides a non-judgemental and understanding online environment to meet like-minded people
It is a place where men & women that are serious about their self-development and finding friendship and love can meet outside of counselling or group programs
Members have good self-awareness through therapy, self-help or other programs, meaning they should be in a good place to start building healthy relationships

Our members understand the importance of being emotionally present in all their relationships
Useful information on healthy relationships and dating


This is a new site and new members are joining weekly but you may find when you first search there are none in your immediate area. Please help us grow the community by spreading the word. The site is currently free to join and we want your experience to be a positive one. We would like your views on what could be improved, anything driving you nuts or stuff you want more of and we will do our best to make changes where appropriate as quickly as we can.


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