yogaMany harmful behaviours begin as a coping mechanism or a way of filling a spiritual void. As a result, people in treatment must learn to deal with their emotions and environment in healthier ways. Practicing yoga is an excellent complement to more conventional treatments. Counselling, support programs and the eight-fold path of yoga both emphasise truth, meditation, surrendering to a higher power, and developing self-awareness, while healing body, mind, and spirit.

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International Yoga Alliance –

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meditationWhen people begin gaining more self awareness around their behaviours, they can often experience a kind of mental fuzziness. They may struggle to think clearly as their mind processes new learning about themselves. This is can also be a time when emotions are erratic. Those who struggle to cope with these challenges early on are more likely to find progress slower. Mindfulness meditation can be a great tool at all stages of gaining more self awareness. It gives people more control over their emotions and increases mental clarity.

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readingThere are huge benefits to reading while you are attending individual therapy or working a program or as it adds another layer to the work you are doing. There are books on practically every subject covered within the site and many contain helpful tests and strategies to propel you forwards on your journey. It is something you can do in your time, at your own pace and helps to embed all that you learn in therapy or at your meetings, more deeply into your conscious as well as subconscious.

Counselling / Therapy

counsellingCounselling is often described as talk therapy or behavioural therapy, and it is one of the most important components in helping to increase your levels of self awareness.

With some treatment programs, group therapy and individual therapy are recommended. Other courses of treatment may simply recommend individual counselling. People who have drug, alcohol or other issues can benefit from counselling, regardless of the type of counselling that they choose to participate in.

There are a variety of techniques used in counselling sessions, but they all have the same primary purpose: to help people change their behavioural patterns so that they can be successful in their attempt to learn how to lead healthy, productive lives.

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Rehab 4 Addiction (is a free helpline and information service for people suffering from addiction and mental health issues) –


Residential Treatment

res-recoveryThe benefits of a residential program occur on all levels of treatment: physical, psychological and emotional. You are giving yourself the gift of time and focus when you choose to support yourself and difficulties you are experiencing, in an inpatient treatment facility short or long term.

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Ocean Recovery
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Group Support Programs

12-stepsThere are few places in the world where you’ll find more honesty, courage, and support than in group meetings. It’s one of the most amazing experiences you can have. Support groups are an important resource for self-awareness for two reasons. First, they’re effective, millions of people have recovered through them. Second, they’re free and universally available. To find a meeting near you or to help others see below:-


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Al-Anon for Friends and Families of

CoDA Codependents

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NA Narcotics

OA Overeaters

SLAA Sex & Love Addicts

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